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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Baptism of Marcos

Well ... 5th baptism in a row!!!! I was able to baptize Marcos this last week! And get this .. back in the day he was going to school to be a pastor. He was a super die-hard catholic, and he knows the Bible so well! But, man during our lessons the spirit was always just so strong. He is not married, but that is because he hasn't found the right girl yet. He is a very humble and loving man. 

Time for the story of a life time. I was the one to baptize Marcos ...  I said the baptismal prayer perfectly, I lowered him in and his foot slipped and we both kind of went into the water ... A rookie mistake lol! Everything was good! It will be something he and I remember forever. 

Day to day details. Breakfast I love to make an egg, put it on some toast and put avacado, tomato and some salt on it! Oh my gosh perfect! I have also learned how to make some really good juices down here. Guava juice with a banana! Super good! We usually prosylete from 2:30-9 and I am always just dead when we get home! Lunch is always with members, except on Monday and Friday. Trust me they feed us more than they should,   We make contacts in the street, on the bus, really everywhere! 

This week I did make Pudim, the best food ever!! It is super good, and really easy to make,  This week was very good as well. We picked up 2 families of 6+ to teach. Super exciting!! My mission president is still comfused as to how a new missionary has been able to baptize 5 weeks straight, and to be quite honest, I wonder the same thing.  But, the work is great here!! And I continue to pray for all of you guys daily!! Deuste abençoa, lembra mandar o senhor mias perto em sua vida!
Eu Amo vocês Muito mutio mutio!!!
-Elder  Burnside

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