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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

MOM...I am cooking.

Wow conference was amazing!!! And yes I got to watch in English. I loved all the talks, but it really made me sad when Elder Costa did not speak in Portuguese and when Elder Nelson said Recife in the most american voice ever. But other than that it was great!!! This week we had .... ANOTHER BAPTISM!!! President Dalton included us in his letter the other day:

OS ESCALADORES DA MISSÃO: Parabéns para o Elder Walker. Agora, ele tem batizado por 5 semanas em seguinte. E também, parabéns para os Élderes F. Pereira e Burnside. Eles tem batizado 4 semanas em seguinte. MUITO OBRIGADO, Élderes!!

That pretty much says congrats for 4 weeks of straight baptisms.

So you guys would be proud of me I am actually cooking meals,  I don´t just feast on artificial goodness, all the time ;). I make a lot of eggs, toast, fruit drinks, and other easier things. Today I am going to learn how to make pudim dolce de leite and succor natural!! I am super excited to learn how to make that stuff!

The language is getting a lot better, I can actually communicate most of the desires of my heart and bear powerful testimonies in Portuguese, but the people here are beginning to understand me! FINALLY!!!!! Hahaha

It was awesome this week we found an investigator named Marcos, and about 3 months earlier he turned the missionaries away from his door, but he let me and my companion in last week, and I have a good feeling he will be baptized. He reads the Book of Mormon every day, prays every night, and he even went to conference this past weekend!! He is a policeman, but he is super smart, very intelligent and super kind. He loves to talk about the differences between america and Brazil with me But, I love him to death! 

Ok last thing for this group e-mail, I am forgetting what English sounds like .... there are some words I will automatically say in Portuguese and have to think about to say in English. And this is the scary part, you know that song by Ed Sheeran that's like " I'm thinking about how we should be ... blah blah blah." I couldn't recognize it!! It sounded strange to me!!! Hahahaha that really scares me!!!! 
But, the mission is great, time is starting to go by a lot faster now! I will talk to you guys again next week!! 
Eu amo vocês
Deus te abençoa!
-Elder Burnside 

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