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Monday, September 28, 2015

sweet milk with coconut....MMMMMMM

WE HAD ANOTHER BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!! A man named Paulo, he is great man, has a family of 4 and they are all members now!! Sorry I don´t have pics I left my camera at the house :(
But, this week was awesome. We ate at a members house his name was Jorgergeraldo (yeah it is a mouthful) and .... he killed us. We ate until we were full and he said that he did not want any food left ... so he filled our plates full and we had to eat all the food.  I think I am sick of rice and beans now...

I blessed the sacrament yesterday ... And it was terrível lol! A missionary that speaks very good English said "congrats, that was the worst blessing in Portuguese ever" lolololol I said everything right, just probably in a really bad sotaque (american voice).  Portuguese is coming great, I am able to follow almost all the lessons we give, and I have been asking questions and responding very well during lessons, and I made my first contact in only Portuguese the other day. Language is good, Not great but good!

 I made french toast the other day (yes I cooked something besides cereal) and the Brazlians here flipped! They loved it!! I had members asking me for the recipe and I was like ovos e pão.... frito ... come!!! I just thought that  was funny!  Oh my gosh!! I found my weakness here! It is called Doce de leite com Coco. Sweet milk with coconut. AHHHHHHH  SO GOOD!!!!!!  A desert that y'all have to try Pudim and mousse de limou ... So good!  And finally .... I found heaven here yes those are oreos!

Great week I hope you guys have a wonderful week, know my prayers are with you always!
Deus te Abençoa
-Elder Burnside

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