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Monday, September 21, 2015

Portuguese or English??

OH MY GOSH! Slowly but surely things are getting better! Everyday Portuguese gets a little bit better, it still frustrates the crap out of me when I can´t say what I want to but things are better!! So 3 stories for y' all! 
1) I made a contact in english with someone on the street.... like what? I guess he saw an american and wanted to talk english. We talked about church for a second and then I started talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet I had in my bag, but that is not the best part. I started talking and every other word I wanted to say was in freaking Portuguese ... It was like " This is a pamphlet about the evangelho, sorry gospel, of Jesus Christ. Fala sobre, sorry it talks about, how famìlias can be together forever and the cinco prinipios of the gospel. Primero fé, second, repentance, batismo, domde espirito sant, and perservering until the end." Oh my gosh I was so mad, I can not talk fast in english anymore without saying a word or two in Portuguese...
2) I rode in a car with a Brazilian and I was scared to death .... I felt like I was on a roller coaster through the favelas, and It felty like I was in a movie,  He was taking turns super fast, almost hitting people, and speeding down little alley ways, scariest drive of my life
3) This last week, we baptized 3 people, and I was able to Baptize a man name Sergio, Maybe the kindest man alive. He was prepared for me and my companion, He accepted the gospel so easily, and he will be blessed a ton! 
This week has been great, Portguese is being built line upon line, and It is my goal to know what is being said all the time in 2 months. Eu amo vocês!

Deus te abençoa! 

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