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Friday, September 4, 2015

What would you do for Chocolate?

HEY family!!! 
So yes, the field is coming up very fast.... and I would be lying if I said I was not a little scared. My Portuguese is adequate and I am working so hard everyday.  I have really just come to accept the fact that I probably won´t be able to speak and understand everything I want, which is really frustrating... But, faith in the Lord is necessary right? 

 I leave the MTC next Tuesday morning. I think I will be out doing the things of the missionaries on Wednesday. I hope I can send pictures on Tuesday when I get to the Mission home.  I think that the president wants to give us some instructions that day. There are 4 other people in my district going to Interlagos with me.  I really need a good long run, The next p-day won´t be for another 12 days unfortunately BUT I DON'T HAVE TO STAY IN THE MISSIONARY FARM!!!! 

This week went by super fast .. I listened to a devotional here only in Portuguese and I understood most of it so that was pretty cool. There was one point in our class we were learning about some grammatical structure and this one kid goes "O que você farai por ........ ( a minute pause) ..... Chocolate?" ( What would you do for ..... Chocolate. It was the most anti-climatical thing I have ever seen in my life. Our instructor was crying. And my instructor really helped me and probably some of the other people in the district out he said " I had a companion out in the field, he was 7 months in and he barely knew more Portuguese than you do now." That was last week too, He continued to say that you guys can survive with the Portuguese you know, but if you are willing "Pagar o Preço" ( Pay the price)  you will be fluent in 4 months. Fluent, in about a month or 2 you will be able to say everything you want to. CAN THAT DAY COME FASTER????? 

I love you guys as well, I am scared for the field, but I know I can do it. Please send some prayers my way, and hopefully in 12 days I have some pretty scary/ awesome stories to tell you!!! 

Love you Guys!!!

Elder Burnside

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