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Elder Carson Justin Burnside
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Look at the bus seat! I did not write it!

Nothing like a good Texas rainstorm!

Sorry I need to keep this e-mail short because I have a ton to do. This week was great!!! I went on a division with my american district leader on friday and it was the most memorable day of my mission!! So .... at about 8 we were teaching a person and we heard thunder right, and we were like crap, Because rain is a missionaries worst nightmare. So we get outside and it looked like I was back in Texas!! Lightening was going off like crazy and my DL said "This is the first time I have seen a storm like this." I looked at him cause I knew what was coming, and said " Hell is a coming, this will either be the worst or best day of the mission!" HOLY CRAP!!! First we were hit with a wall of cold wind, and the dust that came after was terrible.  Then the lights went out. Like every single light. Sooooooo we walked through the wind and dust in the complete dark, scariest moment of my life to that point. Then we made it to an investigators house, and they thought we were idiots, but we picked up a whole new family to teach so mission accomplished there!!!! Então, after we had taught them I walked out the door and was hit by a wall of rain, like a WALL.The street was flooded, with no light and it was almost 9:30. So we ran through the street dodging all that we could see in this strom,I thought I was going to die. But, we made it back to our house, that didn't have light or power. So we did what any good missionary would do, We ordered Pizza!!! And we ate pizza in the dark on our beds!! lol Best day ever!!! 
Thank you guys for all that you do!!
Te Amo muito!!! 
Fica Segura e Fica proximo de Deus!

-Elder Burnside

Monday, November 9, 2015

happy 19th birthday!

Daughters of our Heavenly Father


So this week was an emotional roller coaster. We closed a baptism this week for a little girl, and it was super hard because she has a huge fear of water. So we got her into the water and for 5 hours we waited, talked and comforted her. She entered the water slowly and we thought for sure she would be baptized. I seriously prayed so hard for probably a good 3 hours straight, and I swear I thought she would be baptized. But, we got the news at 10 that she didn't want to. And then something strange happened, I started crying. And I didn't know why. Yeah I felt sad but I didn't think it was enough to cry about. Then I looked around and realized all the other missionaries were crying too. Then it hit me. This work is sacred, and we pour our heart and soul into teaching and helping people, so when a little girl rejects being baptized after so much work, it just crushed us. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so depressed. It was super hard, but this is a testament to how much a mission can change someone. A girl I barely know, I will cry for, because she was a soul a daughter of God that rejected baptism and was so close, it breaks my heart.

But now the happy times, my birthday was good!!! had some brownies and some pizza and I called it a great day!!! Thank you again for the b-day wishes!
Eu amo vocês!! Por Favor estão segura em todas coisas!!

I got some Halloween cereal. My new area Casa Grande.

I ate chicken heart and I think I liked it!


Wow the time is flying by!   It seemed like 3 days ago I was sending my last e-mail to you guys!!! This mission is truly a life changing experience! 

So this week! No baptisms but oh boy we have some great investigators!! We have a family of 3 that are just amazing. They participate in the lessons, they read every night, heck they are making notes of questions they have in the pamphlets we leave them!! NO ONE DOES THAT!!!! Thier names are Edimilsa, Victoria and Khiekee. Amazing people!!! So yesterday was awesome, we had to visit santo amaro ( the richest part of our mission) and we had to take the train, and it was super cool. It was surreal to be crossing bridges and going over trees in a very nice train! Sorry I don't have pictures of that. Then after we had a BBQ with our District leaders, and I ate chicken heart ..... It was pretty darn good I think.

A little spiritual thought por vocês, This week me and my companion prayed and prayed and prayed to have at least 5 new investigators in the chapel this week, everything looked good on Saturday, we thought we would have 8-9 people!! But Sunday, Everyone dropped out on us....... 2 people who promised to go actually went.... soooooo we went to church and lo and behold 5 new faces...... members just by chance brought friends of theirs that lived in our area to church that day ..... Pretty cool experience. Sooo Next week I will send some Birthday pics, but thank you all for the Birthday wishes! Eu amo vocês!!!! 

A little pie in the face!


Well, my new area is pretty darn cool!  I am out of the favelas and I have the costco of brasil next to my house.   It is pretty awesome! So stories, my new area is Casa Grande, It is beautiful here!  There are so many tress and a lake right next to my area! My zone and district are awesome! We had a super mega grande p-day zona today and I got some Pie in my face.  I visited the Autódromo today , The formula one race track in Interlagos. Pretty darn cool! I didn't have a baptism this week, my area is just a touch bit less receptive but I think we will have some good investiagators here soon! Portuguese is great! I am finally able to communicate and hold conversations with people.  FINALLY!! It has been tough and it will continue to be tough, but every day I can speak a little bit better!!! 

Sabe que amo você e cada noite eu oro por você, por sucesso, saúde, e felicidade. Com muito amor

-Elder Burnside