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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nothing like a good Texas rainstorm!

Sorry I need to keep this e-mail short because I have a ton to do. This week was great!!! I went on a division with my american district leader on friday and it was the most memorable day of my mission!! So .... at about 8 we were teaching a person and we heard thunder right, and we were like crap, Because rain is a missionaries worst nightmare. So we get outside and it looked like I was back in Texas!! Lightening was going off like crazy and my DL said "This is the first time I have seen a storm like this." I looked at him cause I knew what was coming, and said " Hell is a coming, this will either be the worst or best day of the mission!" HOLY CRAP!!! First we were hit with a wall of cold wind, and the dust that came after was terrible.  Then the lights went out. Like every single light. Sooooooo we walked through the wind and dust in the complete dark, scariest moment of my life to that point. Then we made it to an investigators house, and they thought we were idiots, but we picked up a whole new family to teach so mission accomplished there!!!! Então, after we had taught them I walked out the door and was hit by a wall of rain, like a WALL.The street was flooded, with no light and it was almost 9:30. So we ran through the street dodging all that we could see in this strom,I thought I was going to die. But, we made it back to our house, that didn't have light or power. So we did what any good missionary would do, We ordered Pizza!!! And we ate pizza in the dark on our beds!! lol Best day ever!!! 
Thank you guys for all that you do!!
Te Amo muito!!! 
Fica Segura e Fica proximo de Deus!

-Elder Burnside

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