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Monday, November 9, 2015

Daughters of our Heavenly Father


So this week was an emotional roller coaster. We closed a baptism this week for a little girl, and it was super hard because she has a huge fear of water. So we got her into the water and for 5 hours we waited, talked and comforted her. She entered the water slowly and we thought for sure she would be baptized. I seriously prayed so hard for probably a good 3 hours straight, and I swear I thought she would be baptized. But, we got the news at 10 that she didn't want to. And then something strange happened, I started crying. And I didn't know why. Yeah I felt sad but I didn't think it was enough to cry about. Then I looked around and realized all the other missionaries were crying too. Then it hit me. This work is sacred, and we pour our heart and soul into teaching and helping people, so when a little girl rejects being baptized after so much work, it just crushed us. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so depressed. It was super hard, but this is a testament to how much a mission can change someone. A girl I barely know, I will cry for, because she was a soul a daughter of God that rejected baptism and was so close, it breaks my heart.

But now the happy times, my birthday was good!!! had some brownies and some pizza and I called it a great day!!! Thank you again for the b-day wishes!
Eu amo vocês!! Por Favor estão segura em todas coisas!!

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