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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Call me Elder Texas!!

Hey Family,

Portuguese is going awesome!  The gift of Tongues is real, only after a week I can pray and bear my testimony in Portuguese.  I can get by expressing most of my intentions in Portuguese, but still learning.  I went to the Sao Paulo Temple today and it is my favorite temple.  It was absolutely amazing!!!  The celestial room has stained glass pictures all over the place and it was just amazing.  The MTC is great, the food is really, really good and the people here are so loving.  They don't care that your Portuguese is absolutely dreadful. they love the fact that you are trying and smiling while doing so.  Funny story for you, there is an elder here from Brazil that only calls me Elder Texas and makes cowboy noises and sounds when he sees me.  We actually had a standoff and a gun draw in the middle of the hallway!  My companion is absolutely amazing!  We get along very well and if all my companions are like him, my mission will go by super, super fast.  Just so you know I have eaten beans and rice EVERY SINGLE DAY! It is actually pretty good!  Our Preparation day is today.  I am sending a letter in the mail with some other information and my testimony in Portuguese! I hope all is going well and I will talk to y'all next week. (I can't send pictures in the CTM, the computers won't let us upload anything so in 6 weeks prepare for a flood of pictures!)

Talk to you soon!

Elder Carson Burnside

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  1. Elder Texas! I love it! Glad to hear the MTC is going great!!