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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hotchie Dogies

This week was great, Portuguese is just getting better and better! I´ll be praying for Taylor and his surgery! Hahaha tell dad they eat Hotchie Dogies (Hot Dogs) here so he can just call it good there!!! And yes I ate hotchie dogies last week!!! I´m glad mckenna and Mckay are doing well! Yes, so we will just be handing out books of mormon! I´ll have to figure out how to say " Sehnor nos samos represetatives de Jesus Cristo, e nos queremos você um Livro De Mormon por você e sua Família!" Let´s hope I can say that fast lol! But send some prayers my way come Friday morning!!!  Ahhhh... nahh no running. I´ve been doing plyometrics and a few sprints but no one at the CTM likes to run .... so i´m kind stuck! Favorite meal .... EVERY WEDNESDAY IS PIZZA NIGHT AND HERE THEY MAKE THIS PIZZA WITH CHOCOLATE SAUCE AND BANNANNAS AND OH MY GOSH I GAIN LIKE 5 PUONDS EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT!!! The weather is great! it stays in the 70´s and 80´s constantly! São Paulo won´t get to much hotter, it stays pretty mild all year round!
This week we got some new sister missionaries from Provo, and it was sad to see the frustration on their faces from not being able to speak Portuguese. The good thing was they had a room full of people who could connect with them! 
So today we went to Campinas Temple again, and I decided to go through the veil in Portuguese this time, and it was a really cool experiance, My sotaki ( accent) was pure Brazilian and I was able to pronounce everything perfectly!! Me and Elder Tew also blessed the sacrament in Portuguese and that was awesome as well!!!! Well, Mom I´m sending you a letter for your birthday today and it should be there in about 5-8 days!!!

Love you Guys have fun starting school!!!

Love Elder Burnside

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